Constructing a fabric / Hot textiles


I used a Heat tool/glue gun Tie vec A4 (suppliers Hobby Craft Creative Craft and The Range)

Ideally paint it stitch it, you can integrate it into your design or you can sandwich between chiffon scarves.

Notes on the process

  • Ironing onto carrier bags
  • Baking parchment paper is your best friend
  • Can make grids
  • Solufleece
  • Very small zigzag picot can cover with lace and sheer fabrics
  • Can make fabric just from threads
  • Must make a grid on your solufleece and you can use net then free machine
  • Can hand stitch into water soluble fabric.

I think though I have been introduced to this idea I would need to take constructing a fabric further to feel it was satisfying, but now I have the rudimentary guidelines of the technique I could experiment further.



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