Putting together a Portfolio – 2012

This was akin to photography in some ways for me: it was about looking and noticing the image and the space around it.  Composition in a photograph sometimes means less is more.  All that is placed in a space and where is there because of a series of decisions one has to make. The relationship, size,  comparison with anything else and the surrounding space .  When does the comparison improve and strengthen the power of the image or when does it take away from it?

I came home and revisited the exercise trying out some more possibilities and then photographed them.  This helped distance me and immediately I could decide what worked.  Some of the pieces are still unfinished as I’m still undecided. 

This next piece came to life once placed on the plain white paper and showed me how important the background and the space around are.  I definitely thought the piece was stronger once it was mounted.



Mostly looking again reinforced my earlier decisions about what I’d already chosen to include in my portfolio during the seminar .  I did, however include the following 4 mono prints on different coloured paper, which I hadn’t noticed before.  I find that the prints are so strong in themselves that they stand up to one another.  They compliment one another because they contrast so vividly.



Unlike the next example.  The pieces  in isolation work, though in juxtaposition I don’t think enhance one another. Perhaps because they are too alike to compliment each other.



This is stronger, but I still decided not to include it in the portfolio, though I thought the roller marks were interesting.



On the other hand this print works well on its own and I think anything else that I might mount with it would only detract.



The next one I tried out, but again decided not to include.  It just doesn’t have the impact of the previous panel.



This is different again because here the images have a connection. They are a series, create a pattern and relate in their gradual intensity.  Even on revisiting I still wanted to include it.



And maybe the reason this combination doesn’t work is that they don’t have enough in common to work together.



There are both elements in the next piece, the colours harmonize but the shapes are in contrast.  I included this.       



Though this is at preliminary stage, I found that this position was most satisfying placed to the right and with more space underneath.  The points and fringe seem to intrude into those spaces and are therefore accentuated.



This is the final design.



I am undecided which works better  The two in combination or just the left hand panel on its own, which is already framed by the grey.



I found this session really engaging and liked the way we looked at each others choices which reinforced the lesson.  We are learning to look and notice for ourselves.  I found using the camera very helpful, they say the camera never lies!


Once I’d done some more stitching I settled on this arrangement.


How and where and with what something is placed to be presented can make a huge difference to how one sees it.



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