Images that have attracted my attention recently.


While travelling in London at the weekend I noticed this image and managed to grab a photo, it reminds me of an important moment in my life.  It also has a lot in common with my train photos with clear straight lines radiating from a point.


I went to a photo exhibition at Somerset House (Sony).  This photographer was reconstructing her dream.  Her parents were divorcing and her dream had her between the two of them.  I’m interested as I’ve tried to re-enact my own dreams.


Along the lines of my theme of train journeys and reflections.  She is still but the background is moving and blurred.

I’ve recently had my attention drawn to Caroline Hall’s work which has something of the flavour of blurred, coloured lines.  Her work is installed on the underground, she paints on large aluminium sheets.  The effect is of movement and the colour strong and glossy.  Evidently she often uses a credit card to swipe colours across the page and it is my intention to have a go.


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