A selection of my work

In Your Dreams

This is a very large quilt based on dreams. Exhibited at the Festival of Quilts at the National Exhibition Centre, Solent University and Romsey Abbey

.   LINK to How I made it.

Undercurrents58-PNTX9230-ruth quilt body-cropped-composite-2

In this piece I wanted to make the sea look like ruffled sheets. I wanted to create a surreal feel as if on waking the sea and the sheets could morph from one to the other. 51-P1010879

I found printing on a large rotary printer for the first time exciting and something I will pursue.

53-2011-03-23 11.54.43

LINK to How I made it


Solo Living

This is a large scale hanging over 10 foot long.  I made this quilt in response to an article I’d read about the increase in solo living. It involved drawing in stitch and incorporating photographs. It has been exhibited in Romsey Abbey.

LINK to How I made it

The Railway Sleeper032-P1090280-002

This piece was achieved by using a variety of media: printing, photography, drawing and stitch. Again I was interested in dreaming and daydreaming as depicted by the sleeper and the reclining figure. I was trying to capture moments when we are ‘somewhere else’.

Once the layers were amalgamated in Photoshop the piece was bubble jet printed and mounted on foam board.

Stitched Face07-P1090411

Small piece that’s double sided.


“Jude” after Matisse09-P1090412

A piece from a drawing of my daughter using Matisse’s cut out style.

3D Head

3D head


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